Three-Day Holiday Weekend

Gaborone winters are very different from Cambridge winters not only because Gaborone’s doesn’t have snow but also the difference in daily range temperatures. Gaborone has cold mornings and nights with temperatures getting as low as 4°C but the afternoons get very hot with temperatures sometimes reaching 30°C. I always find this interesting because if one came to Gaborone in the afternoons, one hardly know its winter.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESApart from observing Gaborone’s interesting weather, we had a game drive at Mokolodi game reserve and explored Gaborone nightlife. Mokolodi is beautiful and has 2 of the big five animals; Rhinos and leopards. We saw many animals including giraffes, impalas, kudus, baboons and ostriches. We, unfortunately, were unable to see Rhinos because they are very difficult to find on a regular 2-hour game drive; one would have to go on a Rhino tracking drive.  While waiting for Man of Steel at New Capitol Cinema on Friday night, we decided to have dinner at an Indian restaurant, Embassy. It is a very fancy restaurant and the food was awesome. Definitely worth the money we spent! The tables were covered with red and black table clothes, and in the middle of the table was this lovely candle, which added to the overall beauty. It looks like a place where one could take a date; especially if they love Indian food.


Moving to work at BHP, the working environment has been very hospitable. Dr. Musonda, the Lab Director invited us to her home and treated us to some Zambian food. Two other colleagues from work and her 2 daughters were also present. I felt this was a good experience especially for Melody and Charlotte (the two other Harvard Interns) to learn more about Botswana and Zambian cultures. Amongst the many discussions was how marriage preparations are generally carried out in Zambia and Botswana. I am looking forward to work this week because I have finally received my study samples and I can start actively working on my project. I had been carrying out experiments with Charlotte’s samples the past weeks in order to have practice and get comfortable with the experiment techniques.


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About kmulumba

Yanick is a student from Zambia studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology with a secondary field in African Studies at Harvard University. He comes from Maamba in southern province of Zambia. He is interested in Medicine and Research and would love to do an MD. Furthermore, he is passionate about youth development and he is co-founding a youth enrichment program in Zambia called CONNECT: Gateway for Opportunity. Yanick also loves conversation and he is always glad to hear other people's perspectives on interesting topics.

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